Heyy blogger, long time no see. How are you guys ? Here I am to story about my life . Its already 2 month I'm being together with him , but now I feel like I dont have boyfriend, I wanna let him go from my life, cant stand like this anymore, I cant lie myself that I'm still loving my past two years EX-boyfriend . I'm sorry and really sorry . You're very kind with me but I cant lie myself . I realised that nobody can replace him. I'm trying to protect our relationship, but I cant, Every night I remember him, Everyday I'm missing him . Seriouslyy , I must let you go biyy. Maafkan saya, saya tahuu awak sangat kecewa dengan saya . Yes saya dah permainkan perasaan awak seperti yng awak kata time text saya. Saya tak bermaksud nak buat awak kecewa, but please faham I, I still takboleh hilangkan Cinta and Sayang I terhadap my past two years ex-boyfriend . Lastly, I'm so sorry Mohd Azim Bin Harnizan :')