Hello peeps :) How are youu? Fine? Good or Great? I'm feeling Good but not feeling GREAT without boyfriend okayy :) NVM, boyfriend is not everything and not important. But sometimes feel lonely without someone special :) Nvm, i'll try my best to chill up myself without anybody except my family :) Yeahh first GOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS and Somebody else :) I'm getting better now . Cough and flu gonna go awayy from me :) Alhamdulillah . Thanks to Allah because wanna remove my sins slowly :') Sometimes I'm missing wanna have boyfriend. Yeah I wish I'll find someone better for myself :) I've told ibu about this, and she said find someone can care , understand and accept you who you are :') Thanks ibuu, iloveyousomuch . Actually ibuu is not my real mum, she's only my adopted mum :) But I do love her as my own mum :)